My first ever runner!!!

As I started work today I couldn’t believe it was the start of November, once Firework night is over this weekend it wont be long until Santa will be coming to town! Very exciting!! Driving around London at the moment I’ve noticed slowly all the shops and streets are putting up their Christmas decorations. I do Love this time of year!

My first job of the day was a young lady from Farringdon going to the city. As I made my way to the city, I heard the lady in the back scream!!! I looked in the mirror to see what was wrong and ask her “are you ok?” She shouted at me “Arrrrrah no im not ok I just poked myself in the eye with my eye drops.” Ouch I bet that was painful! I felt so bad for the lady she kept holding her eye saying it hurts and it keeps watering. When we got to the city she asked me to drop her at Liverpool street station she wanted to go to the NHS walk in clinic to get a doctor to check her eye. I really hope her eye is ok, I will be thinking of her all day now! What a bad start to the morning!!!

I then picked up a man straight away from Liverpool street station going to Wapping, he started talking and he seemed a really nice friendly guy….he was asking how my day was going and all about my job. He then started reading his book and went quiet, about 5 minuets later he said “can I ask you a question for a survey im doing at work” he then went on to ask me “What do you think the human brain is for?” I couldn’t help but giggle, it was the most random question and I didn’t know the answer. I really didn’t want to answer so I just said “I think the human brain is for thinking!!!” haha! He told me it was an interesting answer. When he got out I was left so confused i could have gone home there and then!

From Wapping I picked up a guy going to Canary Wharf, lucky enough he was on the phone all the way. I didn’t need anymore eye accidents or random questions today haha.

Making my way back from Canary Wharf I got caught in lots of traffic, when I finally got back central I picked up a lady from Shoreditch going to Lincolns Inn field. My next job I picked up a lady from Kings Cross station going to the city, we got talking and it turns out she’s going for a job interview. She was telling me how nervous she is and how she has lost her confidence because it’s so hard to get a job these days. So I decided to give her a mini interview in the cab I asked her what her strengths and weaknesses are, I know you always get asked in an interview! She answered them very well, I told her if it was up to me id give her the job. I hope that helped her confidence bless her. I will be keeping my fingers crossed she gets the job.

Its half term this week and whilst driving around I’ve noticed a lot of kids with their parents visiting all the popular landmarks, you can really have a great day out in London with the kids. I would recommend a visit too Madam Tussaud’s, the London Dungeons and all the museums are great to visit aswell.

I picked up a man in the City going to London bridge on the way he asked me to stop off at the new change shopping centre in Cheapside. He told me to wait 5 minuets, when he came back he had three shopping bags. He told me he had just brought his wife two pairs of shoes and a new leather jacket. I asked what the occasion was, he just said oh no occasion she’s such a good wife I like treating her. Now I’ve never heard that before haha. I couldn’t praise him enough, I said you sound like the perfect husband haha. I would defiantly be a good wife if I thought I was getting new shoes too haha. She’s one Lucky lady hey girls…..

As I drove to Waterloo I picked up a mother and daughter going to Bayswater, they were very glamorous. When we got talking it turned out the daughter was a model and had just been to an audition. As I dropped them off I made my way to Paddington where I picked up two Italian couples going to a hotel in Mayfair. On the way we got talking and they are over for a long weekend. They asked me a good Italian restaurant to go on Saturday night. This was an easy question i could answer, my favorite Italian is Little Italy in Soho. It’s a great place… it has great good, drink, service and a fantastic atmosphere. It turns into a bar with great music later in the evening. I highly recommend it especially on a saturday night and for a special occasion. Please see below 3 other Italian restaurants I recommend.

I Picked up a smart guy from Mayfair wanting to go to the back of Harrods. He was really friendly and asked me how my day was going and if I had been busy. We chatted half the way there, then he put his head phones and was listening to his music. He seemed a very nice man. As we got to the back of Harrods we were in a one way street and he asked me to stop, it was hard to pull over because there were a lot of cars parked but I found a little space and dropped him off. He got out and said thank you then shut the door and walked off. I was a little confused at first because I couldn’t see the money in the tray, my first thought was that it fell through the money hole so I looked around in the front and I looked in the back. When I looked down the street to see if I could still see my passenger, he was running around the corner and then he was gone. I couldn’t believe I had just had my first ever runner, I was confused at first because he had the cheek to say thank-you and good-bye to me. I felt a little angry and upset after, it had nothing to do with the money itsmore the principle and to think that someone can just do that. I suppose not everyone is as nice as you think and its my first runner in two and a half years in the job. I wasnt going to let it get me down, so I carried on with my day but I will be looking out for that man in the future haha!

My 4 recommended Italian restaurants in London:

Little Italy – 21 Frith street W1D 4RN                                                                                         

Ciao Bella – 86-90 Lambs conduit Street WC1N 3LZ                                                              

Santore Restaurant – 59-61 Exmouth Market EC1R 4QL

Antonio’s Ristorante – 137 Upper Street N1 1QP                                                                     

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Voted No1 in the world today!!!

As I started work this morning I wasn’t in the best of moods, it doesn’t happen often I usually always start work happy and ready to go! But today was just one of those days, we all get them sometimes.

I made my way to Kings Cross Station, a lady hailed me down just as I got to Farrington. She wanted to go to the City. As soon as she got in she said ‘You have picked me up before, I got in your cab about 2 months ago.’ I racked my brains but I couldn’t remember her, this has happened to me a couple of times where ive picked up the same person. But its impossible to remember them as I meet so many people, but this lady was so friendly and funny there was something familiar about her. All the way we laughed and chatted, She really cheered me up. As she got out the cab she said ‘ im so glad you picked me up, I wasnt in a good mood this morning but you have really cheered me up!’ I found it so weird, she had done the exact same thing to me. I believe I was meant to pick her up this morning as we cheered each other haha. I hope I picked her up again!

My next job of the day I picked up a lady and her baby in Clerkenwell going to Euston, she had a big pram. So I jumped out and helped her in, the baby was so cute about 3 years old. As I got back in the cab I turned around to make sure they were both ok and ready to go, the baby was sitting right at the window looking in at me I gave him a little wave and away we went.  About five minuets into the journey I felt a flick of  wet water on my neck, at first I thought it was another leak in my cab. As I stopped at the lights I looked to see where it was coming from, I could just see the baby trying to push his juice through the money hole haha. I had to laugh at first as it was very funny, I looked at the mum to stop him but she was on the phone . So the lights changed and I had to start driving, at this point the baby didn’t stop so all the juice was flicking on me and going everywhere. Being the nice person I am I didn’t want to disturb the mum so I just carried on driving while his baby flicked juice at me, eventually the mum realised what the baby was doing and took the juice of him and gave me a wet wipe to clean the juice of me and the cab. In the future I really have got to stand up for myself haha.

From Euston I picked a man going to Marylebone, as we were driving along I could smell a lovely perfume scent. I recognised it straight away as the perfume Angel, its one of my favorite. I couldn’t help it I told him he smelled lovely, he started laughing and said it was his wives. He had left his aftershave at home and used some of his wives perfume but he didn’t think it would be this strong. I had to laugh because Angel is one of the strongest and distinctive smells out there. He told me he was worried because he had lots of meetings today, I said at least you will smell nice haha. I bet im not the lady that catches him out today! My next job of the day, the concierge from the Marriott Hotel called me in. I picked up a man, he said ‘I want to go somewhere on the A40(Westway), if you just drive along it I will tell you went to stop.’ I felt a bit nervous because I don’t like not knowing my destination but there was nothing I could about it. So I started my journey, once we were on the Westway I told him to let me know when to stop. So along we went, a couple of minuets later I looked in the back at him and he was asleep. I didn’t want to wake him up but I started to worry that we were going to miss his turning. We were going further out and he was still asleep, I could see Wembley Stadium on my right so I knew we were far out this is when I started to panick. I was driving blind for about 5 more minuets, when out of nowhere he shouted next left please. I felt so relieved he had woken up, but it was very weird how he woke up just in time for his turning. He must do this journey often.

From there I made my way back to Paddington, I picked up a man going to Belgravia he worked in one of the embassies. We chatted the whole way about the Olympics and Paralympics. As I dropped him off I picked up a man from the same Embassy going to the city. Very handy, one in one out I do love it when that happens! From the city I made my way to hackney to pay my cab rent.                                                                                  Every Thursday I have to pay my cab rent, I don’t own my cab I rent from a company in Hackney. I much prefer it, I pay a certain amount of money a week and that includes everything my tax, insurance and 24 hour break down recovery. eventually I would like to buy my own cab, but for now im happy to rent its easy and hassle free.

After I had paid my cab I made my way to kings cross station where I picked up a man going to Holborn. As I dropped him off I made my way to Waterloo Station where I picked up a lovely Italian couple going to the Gatwick express at Victoria. The whole way there they were telling me what a wonderful place london is and they will be coming back soon.                                                                                                                                                        I was driving along listening to the radio, I heard on the news that London’s black cab drivers have been voted No1 in the world today! I felt so happy hearing this and it made me feel so proud to be a black cab driver and part of it! Come on Black Cabbies!!!!!

My next job was from Paddington to Haymarket, it was 3 little old lady’s. They was so sweet. They started telling me how they were going to the theatre, they were very excited about it. The whole way there we had a good chat, they were calling my dear and darling. They reminded me of my own Nan I just wanted to look after them haha. As I got to theatre I parked up safely and close to a kerb on a taxi rank. One of them said ‘im very slow dear, it may take me a while to get out’ I told them to take as long as they liked. Then out of nowhere a white van behind me started beeping and this young boy shouted out his window ‘hurry up.’ He wanted to park on the taxi rank so he could do his delivery. Well I was so angry he was beeping my 3 new Nan’s that I shouted back at him ‘Be patient, you can see they are getting out the cab have some respect.’ that soon shut him up haha. I mean you have to respect your elders, we all have to grow old one day!!! Please see below my 3 recommended theatre shows coming up over Christmas.

The Bodyguard Musical – Adelphi Theatre

Scrooge Musical – Palladium Theatre

The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe – Kensington Gardens (Hyde Park)




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Work to Live Not Live to Work!!!

Its Thursday, the weekend is nearly here. Knowing its friday tomorrow always puts a smile on my face. I bet im not the only one! As I started work I wondered what today would bring in the cab!

As I made my way to Kings cross station, I picked up a guy wanting to go to London Bridge. He was freezing, so I put the heating on for him and away we went. Of course, as we got talking all we did was moan about the English whether and how rubbish our summer was. I’d say a lot of my conversations in the cab recently is spent moaning about the weather…it’s just what we do haha! As I dropped him off at the back of London bridge a man came straight over to the cab wanting to go to London wall. As he jumped in a women driving a van pulled up next to me and asked directions to Waterloo, I quickly showed her. All the traffic was beeping her, some drivers are so impatient. I made my way to London Wall on arrival I went to stop the meter when I realised I hadn’t even put it on. With all the commotion of the lady asking directions I must have forgotten. I could have kicked myself, i’d drove all the way without my meter on. I told my passenger not to worry and I wasnt going to charge him as I didn’t know what to charge, but lucky enough he does the job most mornings and he gave me what he usually pays. That was very lucky for me!

I then picked up a guy from Clerkenwell back to the city, he was so funny. He was telling me how he doesn’t like his job and wants to become a doctor but it means going back to university and his scared that he’s too old now. He wasnt in the cab long but by the time he got out, I had convinced him to follow his dreams. I told him its important to enjoy your job and its also important to work to live not live to work which so many people do now. So if you have a dream follow it, that’s my advice!

I then made my way to Kings Cross Station, when I have no passengers I always make my way to the nearest station. Every cab driver has their own way of doing the job, I like to know im heading somewhere… with the stations your always guaranteed a job. Usually I always end up picking up a fair before I get there. My next job of the day was a guy going from Holborn to Aldgate, we started off with the normal conversation again the weather, traffic and work. Then out the blue he asked me “Are you Married”? I told him not yet but hopefully one day. He then said “If you were married and your husband  forgot your one month anniversary would you be angry”? I  told him its a tricky one and that I would definetely be angry if he forgot our one year anniversary… but after one month im too sure. The poor bloke explained he’s in the dog house because he forgot and when she reminded him he said “really that long alread” haha we both giggled the rest of the way. He had ordered a big bunch of flowers to be delivered to her work to say sorry…very sweet –  I say let him off this once haha!

I then picked up my first lady of the day from Kings Cross station going to a charity in the city. We got talking and she’s been working for the same charity for 15 years, I asked her if she enjoyed her work. She simply said “its the best job in the world, I get to help people in life and there’s nothing more satisfying”. I couldn’t agree more with her!   I then picked up two ladies from Kings Cross Station going to Westfield in Shepherds Bush, it was their first time there and they were very excited. As I dropped them up off inside the taxi area I was so tempted to park my cab and do some shopping myself but I had to have some discipline and go back to work however much it hurt me!

By now the rain had really started to pour,  it always becomes so busy in the cab when it rains. Its was going to be one busy afternoon!

My next job was from St Pancreas to Southwark, they were a lovely Australian couple. It was their first time in London. On my way I showed them as many great sights of London that I could, I told them all the good place to go. I would make a good tour guide haha. From Southwark I picked up a French man going to Farrington, he could speak quite good English. On the way he was trying to write a letter, he kept asking me if he had spelt thinks correct. To be honest im not the best at spelling, hence why I done the knowledge. All I could think was please don’t ask me! And he kept asking me how to spell different words. I told him to double-check the spelling  before he sends it. I don’t want his letter not to make sense because of me. Oooooops!!

From Shoreditch I picked up a guy wanting to go to Hampstead, half way there he asked me to turn around and go to a guitar shop in the West end. He wanted to buy his 7-year-old son a new guitar as his been learning to play it. He told me he had been teaching him from the age of 5. I was very impressed!

I made my way to Kings Cross Station where I picked up a lady and her baby, I got out and helped her in with her luggage and pram. As we started driving I heard someone say “seat belt”! The mum started laughing and said “have you ever heard of a 3-year-old telling their mum to put their seat belt on” I was amazed, I assumed it had come from the mum. We couldn’t stop laughing. She was the cutest little girl, the mum told me how the little girl can speak English and German again I was very impressed. Me and the mum was talking away when the baby started shouting “quiet, quiet” it was hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing. A 3-year-old baby had told me to be quiet. I done as I was told and was quiet the rest of the way haha.

Please see below my 3 recommend Seafood restaurants in London:

Shrimpy’s (The filling station) – Goods way N1C 4UR                                                            

Pescatori restaurant – Charlotte Street W1T 4PD                                          

Scalini restaurant – 1-3 Walton Street SW3 2JD                                                                        

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Where did my passenger go???

Starting work this morning it was freezing, its official winter is here. I do love this side of winter, all the best things to look forward to. Halloween, Bomb fire night, Christmas and New years. So that means its a very busy time in the cab for me haha!

My first job of the day was a man from Kings cross station going to Tower bridge. The traffic was so bad, I had to keep changing my route. By the time I got him there I felt terrible as he was 10 minuets late for his meeting. Lucky enough he was very understanding about it. I made my way back over Tower bridge and I realised what a beautiful sight you get of the capital. To the left of the bridge is the city and to the right is Canary Wharf, to me it is one of London’s best landmarks. At tower hill a man hailed me down wanting to go Canary Wharf. Five minutes into the journey I looked in the rear view mirror and couldn’t see my passenger. Where did he go? When I stopped at the next set of traffic lights, I looked into the back of my cab where I see him laid across the back seat asleep haha. His head was on his brief case as if it was a pillow, I couldn’t help but giggle.(I always wondered what a brief case was for, well now I know haha) I left him to sleep, I didn’t want to disturb him. But when I got to Canary Wharf I didn’t know how to wake him up, so I ended up shouting “were here now”. He woke up bless him, I don’t think he knew where he was. He just said “Sorry I fell asleep but I only had 3 hours sleep last night”. I don’t think he will be doing much work in the office today haha!

As I left Canary Wharf, I see one of the shops putting their Christmas decorations up. I can’t believe it’s getting to that time of year again! Very exciting!

I then joined the taxi queue at Liverpool Street where I didn’t wait long and before I picked up two young girls, they had little luggage with them. They couldn’t speak much English but wanted to go to Euston station, As I looked around I couldn’t see them. Where did they go? I got out the cab where they were trying to open my boot. This has happened to me a couple of times before, it always makes me laugh. I had to explain that we don’t have a boot in Black cabs and  helped them in with their luggage. By this point all the cabbies were beeping me to hurry up and the people in the queue were laughing. It wasnt their fault it was their first time in a Black cab.

From Euston I picked up a guy going to a business meeting in Mayfair, he was going to a steak restaurant. The whole way there we spoke about different meats and the right way to eat your steak. It was a very random conversation, but I enjoyed it and now I know erything you need to know about eating steak haha.

I was stuck in traffic in Haymarket when a lady came running out of nowhere and hailed me down. It turned out she was a teacher and wanted me to take five kids back to their school in the West end. They were about 12 years old, but the teacher said to me “I’m trusting you because you’re a young girl and im trusting you will get them there safely”. I felt like she had given me a big responsibility in saying that! I started to panic, I really wanted them to behave. What would I do if they started being naughty?. They were as good as gold for me, they were laughing and giggling in the back. I think they were happy being away from the teacher for a little while.

From Oxford street I picked up a middle-aged lady going to Bayswater, she had been running the same hotel for 30 years, she was so funny. She was telling me about the different nights out she has on the town in London and all the different cocktails she likes. We got on really well, as she got out she said to me “dont be good, good is boring be a mischief like me…you’re never to old”. She did put a smile on my face!

As I made my way down Marylebone road with my light on, I saw a lady with her hand out. I pulled over and said hello, I was waiting for her to say where she wanted to go and she just looked at me blankly. I said to her “did you want a cab?” She said “No I was just stretching”. Oh I was so embarrassed, I went bright red and just drove off….I could have kicked myself!

I then picked up a man and lady from Kings Cross, going to St James Square. They had so much luggage so I got out and helped them in. The man wanted to get his money back on the trolley, but I couldn’t wait for him on the rank because the other cab drivers were picking up so I drove around the side of the rank and waited there. I knew he wouldn’t know where I had parked so I told his wife to wait in the cab while I went to get him. When I got to where the trolleys was I couldn’t see him anywhere, I had a look around the taxi rank and he wasn’t there either. I couldn’t see him anywhere I started to panic because I had left the engine running, I hadn’t locked the doors of the cab either so I was worried about my money bag (haha typical cabbie). I went back to the cab and he still wasnt there. So I looked around the taxi rank again and there he was bless him looking very confused. I took him back to the cab, when he went to get in he tripped up the step and fell head first. It happened so quick I couldn’t even save him, his wife couldn’t stop laughing! I helped him up and sat him down. It wasnt a very good start to the journey. It turned out they were a lovely couple from Scotland.

Please see below my 3 recommended Steak restaurants in London:

Goodman restaurant – 24 Maddox street W1S 1QH                                                              

Sophie’s steak House restaurant – 29 Wellington street WC2E 7DB                           

Hawksmoor restaurant – 157 Commercial Street E1                                                                

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Loving Weekend Work!

It’s not often I work a full weekend in the cab, like everyone I like to have my weekends off either spending my time going out or relaxing. But when I don’t have any plans I like to work a day over the weekend to earn myself some extra money. I love working on the weekend, the traffic is light and there are loads of people out and about. Its so busy and everyone is in a good mood because they’re out enjoying themselves. It’s completely different from week day work.                                                                                                                                                      On a Saturday everyone is shopping,having lunch and spending time with there loved ones, then into the evening you have people catching cabs for a night out on the town.

Starting work about 12pm on saturday, my first job I picked up a group of four men from old street station going to the Arsenal. They were all excited about the game against Chelsea. They were talking about how important it is to beat them. One of the men  shouted out  ‘so who do you support love?’ lucky enough im an Arsenal fan myself so when I told them I was in their good books haha. As I dropped them off at a pub near the ground another four men jumped in, they wanted to go to another pub near Highbury Park. On the way up there they were all excited about the match too. One of them was telling me about a bet he put for Arsenal beating Chelsea 2-1, I did think of him later on in the day when I heard Chelsea had beat Arsenal 2-1. Bet he was one of many unhappy Arsenal fans.

I then made my way to kings cross station where I picked up a group of five girls on a Hen doo, from the moment they got in my cab  they had me laughing. They were going to a hotel in the West end. They were so excited or should I say drunk they had been drinking on the train. They all had the same T-shirts, I could tell they were ready for a crazy weekend. Every bloke we drove past they were shouting at them out of the window. Everyone in the street was just laughing. When I dropped them off I could still hear them half way down the street, I feel sorry for whoever comes across them today haha.

From there I picked up a couple all dressed up going to a wedding, I dropped them off at a church in Marylebone. It’s so lovely on Saturday’s you always see loads of weddings all over London, im very nosey I always drive slow past the church so I can see what the brides dress is like. Then I decide if I would wear it or not haha.

I then picked up a family from Paddington station going to Hyde park, they were in London for they day. As I drove through Hyde park i realised how lovely it is on a Saturday everyone is out walking,running or cycling through the park. It’s a great atmosphere I would recommend going over there it’s a great vibe. I picked up another family going to the natural history museum. That’s another great place to visit on the weekend if you have kids.

Everywhere is packed with shoppers up the West end and around the Harrods area, I  picked up a man from Harrods going to Selfridges. Then outside Selfridges I picked up a young couple wanting to go back to Harrods. I felt like a yoyo going back and forth haha I joined the taxi rank outside Harrods where I watched everyone walking past enjoying their weekend. I then picked up a lady with her grandson going to London Zoo. As I dropped them off at the Zoo I looked across at the other side of the zoo and saw giraffes and zebras. It brought a smile to my face I mean it’s not every day you see animals like that. From there I made my way to Kings Cross where I picked up four women wanting to go to the Savoy hotel for afternoon tea, it was for one of the ladies 90th birthday. It was the sweetest thing all four generations were there, the great-grandmother, the grandmother, the mum and the daughter. It was really nice to see, they all started singing Happy Birthday in my cab, i couldn’t help but join in.

Coming into the evening you start getting jobs to different bars, restaurants, theaters everyone is dressed up and ready for a good night out. I’m happy to drop them off there but I will leave picking them up to the night drivers. I’m loving my Saturday day work!

Sunday is also a great day to work everyone is out enjoying their last day off over the weekend, or you get visitors going back to stations after a weekend in London. The stations are busy with people coming home after a weekend away. Its easy work.

My first job of the day was a couple from kings cross to Covent garden they were coming home after a romantic weekend break to york. They were telling me what a lovely city it is. From Covent garden I pick up a young girl, as soon as she got in I knew she was a model, she started telling how she was down in London for a fashion photo shoot. She was saying how intense it was as it was a night shoot so she had been up all night. She said she loves the job though and wouldn’t do anything else. I dropped her off at Waterloo and picked up a man and his family. He told me he wanted to pick his taxi up from Covent garden on a taxi rank. I started to panic a bit about the route I was going to take, it’s a simple journey straight over Waterloo bridge but ive never picked up another taxi driver so I was wondering what he was thinking about my route. It must have been good as he didn’t say anything haha.

From Covent garden I picked up a family going to victoria station, they were telling me how after the olympics they wanted to visit london. They said they had a wonderful weekend in the capital and their favorite places were Camden and Shoreditch. They also said they will be back soon, now that’s what I like to hear.

From Chelsea I picked up an old lady going to Earls court, she had just done her weekly shop so had loads of bags. A lady who was selling the big issue close by came running over and helped the lady in with her shopping. It was very sweet and its nice to see kind people about. The old lady went into her shopping bag and gave the big issue lady an apple! I think the lady would rather her had bought the big issue instead but looked grateful for the apple anyway haha. I then picked up a young girl from Fulham going to kings cross, she had been down for a friend’s birthday on the Saturday night. She was telling me all about her crazy weekend of drinking with her friends and bumping into two of her ex boyfriends in the same bar. By the time we got to kings cross we knew each others life story’s. I love meeting people like that who are easy to talk to and you feel like you have been friend’s for ages. When she got out she even thanked me for our chat.

I then picked up a family, as they got into my cab they were saying good-bye to a young boy. They wanted to go Victoria station they were a lovely Italian family going back to Italy. The dad started telling me how they have just left their son who is at university in Bloomsbury, they were all very sad. All the way to the station the mum cried I did feel sorry for her, I gave her a tissue.(my tissues are coming in very handy lately)

I joined the taxi rank at Victoria, it was moving very quick. As I got to the front a man came running up to my cab wanting to go to a hospital in Euston. It was only after five minutes I realised he was crying, I asked him if he ok? He told me his boyfriend had been in a bus accident and he didn’t know much just that he was in A&E. I felt so sorry for him, he made me want to cry. I tried to get him there as quick as possible lucky enough the traffic was very light. When he got out I wished his boyfriend well, I felt really upset after that and couldn’t stop thinking about him. I really hope it wasnt too bad.

I then picked up three young girls that had been shopping, they were going to Charing cross to get the train home. From there I picked up a family going to a pub for a sunday roast in Belgravia. It was getting late so I decided to finish work.  I turned my light off and made my way home. I felt happy with working the weekend it was easy and enjoyable. I will defiantly be working more weekend’s.

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Just another manic Monday!

What a miserable start to Monday. Wet, windy and cold!

It didn’t get much better either when I picked up my first job of the day. It was a middle aged man going from Angel to the West end. I just knew it was going to be a nightmare journey, the traffic was really bad and all the cyclists were driving in the middle of the road because of the puddles! I got caught behind a dustbin van and to top it all off I left my mobile phone at home. It was not looking good for me, I was ready to give up and go home.

I then picked up a guy who was soaking wet with a broken umbrella wanting to go to the Savoy hotel to a breakfast business meeting. I felt so sorry for him, I put the heating on and gave him some tissues to wipe the rain off his face and bag. The whole way there we both moaned about the weather, work and the traffic. A typical English conversation! He let it all out, I think it made him feel better haha. Please see below my 3 recommended places to have a great breakfast in Central London.

I then made my way to Waterloo where I picked up a man, he was only young about 21 I would say. We got talking and it turns out he was on his way to hospital to have a major operation on his back, he said he would be in there for about 3 weeks. He was so light-hearted about it and made jokes. It then hit me, im moaning about the weather and traffic and this mans about to have an operation. Sometimes you don’t realise how lucky you are, it takes you to meet someone like that to bring you back to reality. So that’s when I decided im going to stop moaning unless its something worth moaning about.

My next job was a man from Clerkenwell to the Strand. As I dropped him off a couple came running up to my cab, the man asked me if I could speak Russian. I wanted to giggle I don’t think there’s many black cab drivers that can. At that moment I really wished I could just to see the look on their faces if I would have said yes haha. From the hand gestures and the little English they spoke I worked out they wanted to go Heathrow Terminal 5. Great job I do love an airport!

On my way back in I picked up a man going to Westminster, again the whole journey he moaned about the weather. I think it is the top conversation for everyone today. When I dropped him off he paid through the window inside the cab, he then just got out and walked off leaving my cab door open. Lucky I noticed or I wouldn’t have had a door for long. I then made my way to Victoria where I picked up a mother and daughter going to Leicester square, as I drove out of Victoria I noticed water leaking in my cab. I didn’t know where it was coming from, then I drove over a bump and I realised it was coming out the meter. The whole journey it was leaking on my left knee by the time I got to Leicester square I was soaked. But I wasnt going to moan so I dried my knee, found where the leak was coming from and covered it up haha.

I was hungry so decided to get a nice healthy salad for lunch, it is monday and like most people I like to try and be healthy. I was making my way to Kings cross when an older man in his cab pulled up next to me, he shouted “Aint it rubbish out here today” the lights changed so I didn’t have much time to say anything ,I just smiled and carried on driving. I got stuck at the next set of lights, where he caught me up and shouted again “you should have stuck to hair dressing love, it’s a better living” at this point I replied “I make a good living and I like my job” he looked in my cab saw the bag with my lunch and shouted  “you like your food by the looks of it aswell’. He then quickly drove off before I could say anything. I was so insulted, I was shocked but after a while I had to laugh about it. It’s not the first insult ive had in the cab and it wont be last.

I picked up a lady from Kings cross going to Waterloo station, when I dropped her off I joined the taxi queue. After waiting a while I was at the front of the queue when a man came walking towards my cab, he asked me to take him to the ITV studio. I then realised it was the news reader from ITV news at 6.30pm and the news at 10pm. On our way to ITV out of nowhere I blurted out “your my favorite news reader”. I don’t know where it come from. There was a bit of an awkward silence then he just said “well thank you very much”. I went bright red! I then started to drive extra careful, because if anything happened on the way, who would read the 6.30 news. I got him there safe and sound so the news was all on schedule haha. As he got out and paid me I stupidly said “I will be watching you later” – he just smiled and walked off. I just cringed at myself! I think i was a bit star struck haha.

It was a manic afternoon, the rain always makes it busier in the cab. My last job of the day was from Paddington to Harrow. It was a little old lady she was so lovely, we spoke all the way about the war and the old times. When I got her home we were on name terms, she even knew the date of my birthday we had a good old chat. I would like to think ive made a new friend today haha!

Please see below my 3 recommended places to have a great breakfast in London:

Smiths of Smithfield – 67 Charterhouse Street EC1M 6HJ,                                               

Bill’s cafe & restaurant – 9 White Lion Street N1 9PD (also one in soho)                           

The Breakfast Club – 33 D’Arblay Street W1F 8EU(also one in hoxton & Islington)        

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Always see the funny side!

It’s thursday, the weekend is nearly here! I love this time of the week, it doesn’t feel so hard getting up for work haha. Starting work this morning I could really feel winter is coming, the mornings are darker and the winter chill is in the air.

I picked up my first job of the day from kings cross station, it was a man and lady. The man asked me to take them to london bridge he also said ‘ My life insurance doesn’t cover lady drivers killing me’ then he got in the cab laughing out loud. Straight away the lady he was with apologised and explained how he doesn’t think women can drive and always likes to criticize them. As we made our way to London bridge he was shouting out ‘mind that lorry’, ‘don’t forget to indicate’ and ‘watch that car’. I saw the funny side but he then went on to say ‘women are a hazard on the road and belong behind the kitchen sink’. I then explained to him women aren’t a hazard we just drive safe and stick to the speed limits. Then out of no where a MAN in a white van cut me and another cab up and skidded off down the road nearly causing a crash. I didn’t need to say no more, the man in cab had to hold his hands up and take back what he said. Haha the lady he was with couldn’t stop laughing, it was perfect timing.

From London bridge I picked up three young girls going to their office in the city, we had a right giggle they were asking me about my job. Then one of the girls told a story about how her boyfriend came home rotten drunk the night before and tried eating a frozen pizza, it was so funny I didn’t want them to get out my cab. After dropping off in the city I made my way to kings cross, I was flagged down by a guy who wanted to go kings cross. Lovely Jubbly I love them jobs that take you where you want to be. As I dropped him off at kings cross I went to pull off when a guy came running down the middle of Euston road trying to flag me down, I couldn’t look it was so dangerous I had to close my eyes while he dodged the on coming traffic and passing cars beebing him. I was surprised he made it in my cab safe and in one piece. His mates were just on the side of the road  laughing at him, it wouldn’t have been funny if he had been knocked ten feet in the air. I told the guy just to wait on the pavement for a cab next time its a lot safer haha.

From Bayswater I had a small job to Kensington. It was a lady who’s in a jazz band she had all her equipment with her, we talked about the different jazz clubs in london and how its a great night out and good fun. Please see below my 3 recommended jazz clubs to have a great night out in central London. I then joined the taxi rank at the Royal garden hotel, I was only there five minuets when I picked up a couple going to Waterloo. On my way I cut through the mall and caught the last of the changing of the guard, so there was a bit of traffic. The changing of the guard happens every day between 11am and 12pm at Buckingham palace, its great to see and I highly recommend it, it shows a real traditional side to London. Whenever I pass Buckingham palace I always check to see if the queens in or out. You can tell by the flag,  she was out today so I couldn’t pop in for afternoon tea with her unfortunately haha.

I waited at the taxi queue at Waterloo for a while when I picked up a man going to Russell square. He asked me if he could make an emergency conference call on loud-speaker in the back of the cab, it was to his office in new york. I told him it wasnt a problem and off we went. As we drove over Waterloo bridge I was admiring the view when I drove down the ramp into the stand underpass that’s when my heart sunk and I realised any second now his going to lose signal on his conference call. I then heard ‘hello’ ‘hello’ ‘is anyone there’ then followed by some swearing. Oooooops Oh no I didn’t know where to look, especially not at him as he didn’t look happy. That was the point I went all hot and red! Lucky for me once I apologised he saw the funny side.  My next job was two brothers from kings cross to Highgate, they were really nice and once we got talking it turned out they buy and sell guns (all legal of course.) They were explaining to me the different gun laws in the UK. It was so interesting, I learn something new everyday in this job I love it!

My last job of the day I picked up two sweet elderly ladies going to Waterloo, they told me they only had 16 minuets to get to there before they missed their train or they would have to wait an hour. I hate being under pressure but I really wanted to get them there on time. Lucky enough the traffic was clear and I caught all green lights. I had them there in 14 minuets. I was so happy, I say that was a great bit of driving from a women!!!!

Please see below my 3 recommended jazz clubs to go in London:

Bar Nightjar –  129 City road EC1V 1JB                                                                                      

Ronnie Scotts – 47 Frith street W1D 4HT                                                                                  

Jazz Cafe Campden – 10 Parkway NW1                                                                                      

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